The roses in her hand, the flavor in mine! Give a blood, give a love.

Aug 18, 2022

In order to vigorously promote the spirit of voluntary blood donation and deeply practice the socialist core values,on August 17, we organized employees to participate in the free blood donation themed activity of "welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and practicing the original heart with warm blood". This activity has won the active participation of many employees. While advocating a healthy and civilized life, this activity raised everyone's attention and participation in the cause of unpaid blood donation, and achieved good results.

At 7:00 in the morning, our staff arrived at the site. Under the guidance of volunteers, they carried out a series of steps such as filling in the form, blood pressure measurement, blood type test, blood test and blood collection. In the face of the employee who donated blood for the first time, the volunteer carefully introduced the blood donation process to her, publicized the blood donation knowledge, alleviated her strangeness and fear of blood donation, and also made her understand how to protect the eyes of the needle, supplement nutrition, and how to deal with emergencies in the process of blood donation, making full preparations for successful blood donation.

The implementation of the activity has enhanced the blood donation awareness of the unpaid blood donation volunteers, eliminated the misconception that blood donation affects health, and made most volunteers realize that blood donation has the benefits of promoting metabolism, stimulating blood regeneration, and reducing blood viscosity. Everyone said that "voluntary blood donation is altruistic, self-interest and social benefit. It is the transmission of love and the continuation of life. We should all actively participate in voluntary blood donation activities to help people in need. I will support voluntary blood donation without hesitation."

Unpaid blood donation is not only a social welfare activity, but also a social responsibility; Chungfo is a manufacturer specializing in the production of AC / DC fans, DC blower fans and cross flow fans. While developing our own business, we also care about and support the development of social public welfare undertakings as always, and make contributions to public welfare undertakings.

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